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Rubber Bands

Use these heavy duty #74 (3 1/2" x 3/8") rubber bands while deep sea trolling to provide an audible alert of a fish strike. Each bag contains 3oz of #74 rubber bands, approximately 40 per bag.

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We offer the essentials that you need to successfully handline fish.  From shock absorbers to gloves, we offer the best value for the products you need.  We don't bother carrying a large variety because we know what works and what you need.  Rather than get you to spend money on useless upgrades, we simply want you to have the best products that will get the job done.

Deep Sea Handline Handles

Handlines from 75-150ft fit on the 10" handle and the longer 200-250ft handlines fit on the 12" handle.

  • 10" Deep Sea Handle $16.55
  • 12" Deep Sea Handle $17.95

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Shock Absorbers

In our never ending quest to offer only top quality products in our WaayCool product line, we have selected the 24 " Mini-Shockle from Davis Instruments as our deep sea fishing shock absorber. If offers excellent performance and safety features, comes with two 316 stainless steel carabiners, is inexpensive, and has excellent corrosion resistance properties. Other than that it's a heck of a useful gadget to have on any boat. Comes in black.  $16.70 each.


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Kayak Handline Handles

Our Kayak handline handle comes with a small bungee cord to better secure the handline. A great value at $6.80 each.


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Handlines are a great way to catch fish, but just like the name says - you use your hands.  Protect your hands and get a better grip with our gloves Mark has specifically chosen to go with his handlines.  Just $5 a pair.

    We offer 3 sizes:
  • Medium DS-GLOVES-MED

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