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About WaayCool

kayak handline fishing

WaayCool handlines came about as a request for a Christmas gift for a close friend on Kwajalein atoll in Micronesia.  A web search revealed no suitable deep sea handline products on the market.  So the first WaayCool handline was pretty expensive (retail prices, minimum quantities, and shipping charges for every component) but very much appreciated.

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The first WaayCool deep sea handlines were made and sold on Kwajalein island in 2006.  Soon after a rudimentary website was established primarily to educate potential buyers.   Increasing sales coupled with some basic business research led to the formation of a Delaware limited liability company, "WaayCool, LLC", in March 2007.  POP Hawaii (now POP Fishing & Marine) became the first retailer to carry WaayCool's deep sea handlines in October 2007.   

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About Mark

Mark Thimsen

WaayCool's owner, Mark Thimsen, has always enjoyed fishing.  He developed a love of fishing while growing up in the Marshall Islands in Micronesia.  This carried over to albacore fishing off San Diego and trout fishing in California's Sierra mountains and San Bernadino National Forest.  Mark returned to the Marshall Islands in 1998 and spent 10 years deep sea fishing around Kwajalein atoll, including numerous trips to Lib island and one memorable week of fishing at Bikini atoll.  Mark now lives in north Alabama and is learning to bass fish but his passion remains with off shore bluewater fishing.  Mark applies this passion to his WaayCool handlines.   Every handline component was chosen for quality and performance, and each handline is carefully crafted by Mark.  Mark enjoys the fishing community and, for those customers not familiar with handline fishing, he especially enjoys educating and answering questions.

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