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Deep Sea Ready to Fish Kit

$155.00 each
Glove Size


We are excited to announce our newest product - the Ready-to-Handline-Fish kit.

It includes everything you need to handline fish.

  • The kit starts with our best selling handline, the 100ft Deep Sea handline with the 700# mono segment and the 450# snap swivel.
  • The kit also includes one 24" black shock absorber with two stainless steel carabiners
  • One 7.5" resin head lure rigged with mono
  • One 7.5" chrome head lure rigged with steel
  • A bag of ~ 40 #74 rubber bands
  • And a pair of men's medium gloves

Every kit includes a brochure explaining how to rig the handline, how to land fish, how to maintain your handline, and also highlight some safety tips.

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