Fish On! Fish On Board!!  Waay Cool!

Handline Fishing Tips

  • When running multiple handlines it is generally advisable to keep them the same length to avoid tangles.
  • We strongly recommend that you unwind the entire handline on the deck while at the dock and anchor the handline to a cleat along with the shock absorber. Have a lure rigged and ready to go so that once you’re offshore you can simply put the lure in the water and let it out. We do not recommend letting the lure in the water without the other end anchored to the boat – you risk losing your handline should you get a big strike or your fishing buddy has a mental lapse and lets it go…
  • One of the best features of the WaayCool Handline is the ability to recover quickly from tangles. While thinner lines get easily tangled, the ropes we have chosen recover from tangles rapidly. Even when it looks hopelessly tangled (e.g., after a Mahi Mahi has thrashed around on top of the handline for a while), just simply pick up the end starting with the hook and put your lure back in the water. Using one hand to keep the tension of the lure from tightening the knot, use the other hand to simply shake the tangle free using gravity. Should there be a knot in the line (rare actually), pull it back in, undo the knot, and repeat the process. Use rubber bands for an audible alert of a fish strike. Keep lines away from motors and put the engine(s) in idle if the fish is cutting under the back of the boat.