Below is a list of the most commonly asked questions.  Look through them before contacting us as many of the questions you have are already answered.  But as always, feel free to contact us for more information.

What is handline fishing?

Just what it sounds like – our WaayCool handlines are constructed for deep sea fishing and consists of three main components: rope, monofilament and a heavy duty swivel. Deep sea handlines are typically anchored to a cleat on the boat (with a shock absorber) and a lure attached to the swivel and trolled behind the boat. Kayak handlines are used for trolling during transits and bottom fishing near shore. Once a fish is hooked, you simply pull the fish into the boat by hand. Handlines can be used from all vessel sizes from maritime ships, powerboats, sailboats, kayaks, jet skis and stand up paddleboards.

What length of handline should I order?
Generally if you are trolling on a powerboat we recommend either a 100ft or 125ft handline. If you are fishing from a sailboat, either a 75ft or 100ft handline will work. The most popular length for kayak fishing is 100ft with 75ft also very popular. Fishing from maritime vessels typically requires a handline of 150ft or more.
Do I need a shock absorber?
For deep sea trolling, yes! The shock absorber will stretch gradually until the 40lb limit of the shock absorber is reached and the load is transferred to the handline. The shock absorption will lessen the likelihood of your leader breaking or the hook pulling out of the fish’s mouth or bending.
How do I pay?
We use PayPal and now also accept BitCoin.  PayPal doesn’t require that you have an account with them. You can use their service to pay with your credit or debit card. We can also send you a Request Money email from PayPal that will allow you to pay with a credit/debit card via their web service. We never ask for credit/debit card information.  For BitCoin payments, we use a Coinbase transaction process that will require your BitCoin wallet ID.  Again – we will never ask for or see your BitCoin wallet information.
What shipping options do you have?

We generally ship via US Priority Mail and insure the shipment. It is typically the fastest and cheapest shipping method. We also ship via FedEx and that option is now available at checkout. Overnight services can be used if needed but the cost is much higher. Please email for special shipping requirements or tight deadlines.

How do I set up a handline?

Download this PDF Instruction Sheet for more information.
Also, please see our YouTube video.

Is handline fishing safe for children?
No. Children can easily forget to keep their hands and feet free from entanglement. Caution must always be maintained when using handlines; a small fish can quite easily turn into a large one – especially when sharks are prevalent.
Why should I buy the more expensive triple braid mono?
Some fishermen simply prefer the triple braid – it offers a better grip and is stronger. WaayCool uses a very high quality, small diameter monofilament to form the braid. The cost is higher because of the three lengths of monofilament and the extra labor to braid it.
What fish can you catch on handlines?
WaayCool’s deep sea handlines can be used to catch any fish that will strike a lure being trolled. Our handlines frequently catch aku (skipjack tuna), ono (wahoo), mahi mahi (dorado), and yellow fin and bigeye tuna when trolling in blue water. Trolling near the reef can yield dogtooth tuna, kawa kawa, rainbow runner, barracuda, trevally and grouper. If you are bottom fishing, then your catch will be dependent on the terminal tackle and bait you attach to our handline and, of course, the bottom fish in the area.
How many handlines can you fish with at the same time?
For trolling it depends on the size of the boat, if there are outriggers, and the number of crew on board. We generally run two handlines and two poles; four poles if we have outriggers or a larger boat. But if the handline fishing gets hot or the sharks plentiful, then we run all handlines because we can land fish much faster with the handlines. It is important that the handlines be the same length when running multiple handlines close together – otherwise the lines can tangle when turning sharply.
Are handlines for trolling or for bottom fishing?
WaayCool handlines can be used for both although the length requirements can be quite different. For example, trolling configurations are typically 100 – 125 ft long while bottom fishing handlines may need to be longer depending on the depths and currents/winds in your area.
When winding the handline on the handle, do you start with the rope or the mono?
When stowing the handline at the end of the day, we recommend you start winding with the rope end, and wind loosely to avoid sharp bends of the mono.
What maintenance is required?
Use fresh water to rinse off the saltwater and fish blood after each day of use. Periodically check for abrasions/cuts in the rope or monofilament. Replace your handlines if the integrity is significantly compromised.
Can you use handlines in International Game Fish Association (IGFA) sanctioned fishing tournaments?
No, not unless the tournament rules specifically allow for it. There are international tournaments that allow handline fishing; one example is the All-Mic tournament in Majuro, Republic of the Marshall Islands.