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Hand Constructed

We manufacture and sell a variety of fishing handlines for trolling, jigging, or bottom fishing. Whether you’re aboard a commercial vessel, sportsfishing boat or sailboat we can make a handline configuration that's just right for you. Easy to use, minimal maintenance and outstanding performance - year after year. WaayCool!

Our handlines are made with a high quality nylon rope joined to a segment of monofilament and terminated with a Quickrig swivel. WaayCool uses QuickRig swivels exclusively.

Rods and Reels?

You can and you should use rods and reels! Handlines will never replace them – but they are complimentary. We almost always troll with a spread of both conventional rods & reels and handlines. Generally we use the rods for larger fish (> 50 lbs). There are times when we recommend you switch entirely to handlines: when the fish are biting very strong and a maximum catch is the goal, or when sharks are present. Handlining in a fish is much faster than using a rod and reel. We recommend every serious offshore fisherman carry at least two handlines on board. As luck would have it, Waaycool has handlines to meet your needs.

What is a Handline?

WaayCool handlines are constructed for deep sea and kayak fishing and consists of three main components: rope, monofilament and a heavy duty swivel. The handlines are typically attached to a cleat on the boat (with a shock absorber) and a lure attached to the swivel and trolled behind the boat. Once a fish is hooked, you simply pull the fish into the boat by hand. Handlines can be used from powerboats or sailboats.

WaayCool Deep Sea Handline

Why Handlines?

Handlines are used for one purpose – getting fish on the boat. Period. It is a different way to fish. Lest you think it isn't fun, try holding on to the handline while trolling through a large bird pile and feel the strike. Handlining in a large fish is exciting, and handlining in a very large fish will make you wonder why you asked this question.

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