Deep Sea Handlines


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Our flagship product, the WaayCool Deep Sea Handline, is designed for the rigors of offshore bluewater fishing. Made with a high quality 5mm nylon rope, joined to a 25 foot segment of monofilament, terminated with an ultra-strong swivel, and wrapped on our handline handle for fast & compact stowage. Whether you’re aboard a sailboat, sportsfishing boat, or commercial vessel, we have a handline configuration that’s right for you. Easy to use, minimal maintenance and outstanding performance – year after year. WaayCool!

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75 Foot, 100 Foot, 125 Foot, 150 Foot, 175 Foot, 200 Foot, 250 Foot


700lbs 1-Strand, 900lbs 3-Strand


Snap Swivel, Screw Swivel


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